What part of a boat is the brow?

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What part of a boat is the 'poop deck'?

It's the wood part over to top of a cabin at the aft, the back of a ship, as opposed to where Leonardo DiCaprio did a top-of-the-world bit in Titanic, the movie, not the ship

Parts of a boat?

A full list would be exhaustive here are a few. Hull, foremast, mainmast, sail, boom, halyard, rope, cleat, jackstay, mainstay, bow, stern, beam, helm, tiller, rudder, prope

What are the parts of a u boat?

The parts/description are the same for nearly all naval submarines: Conning tower, Fin, diving planes, aft, fore, periscope, torpedo tubes, deck gun, screw(s) (propellers), ru

Which part of the boat should you anchor your boat from?

Normally, the Bow, the head end ( to borrow the railroad term) of a ship., There were some German warships that had an after anchor station, presumably when riding out storms

10 Names of parts of a boat?

Bow, Stern, hull, gunwale, port side, starboard side, bridge, passageway, foc'sle and engine room/ compartment.
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Are boats part of first nation?

What do you mean by that?Do you mean as a popular activity well yes but part of the people nooo.

What part of the boat is tied to the thwart?

A thwart is a strut placed crosswise, i.e., left to right, in a small boat of shallow draft. These small boats are commonly known as rowboats, canoes, dinghies, or dories. T