What obstacles did Donald Trump have to overcome?

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Donald Trump had to overcome bankruptcy in his company, the Trump Organization. He successfully got out of this situation. Also, Donald lost a lot of money but then got his net worth back up.
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How can you tell Donald Trump About your Donald Trump alarm?

Mr Trump, you called out Mr Obama on his birth certificate and got what you wanted. His BC says his father is African. AFRICAN is a nationality NOT a race. My BC does not say

Did Donald Trump Jr. have kids?

Yes, he has five children; daughters Kai Madison (born 2007) andChloe Sophia (born 2014) and sons Donald John III (born 2009),Tristan Milos (born 2011), and Spencer Frederick

Where is Donald Trump?

His offices are in New York, but as a nationally-known businesstycoon and television celebrity, he frequently spends time in othermajor cities such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas

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what obstacle love? not much jest capt it together and got over it. sex? just waited patiently and it just come. not getting Knocked Up? use a condom or (if your a girl) t