What number of infants are born with autism?

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NONE! Autism is caused by improper meducations, Either by chemical makeup or by volume
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Are children born with autism?

Yes, doctors believe that some people are born with autism. Autismcan also strike people in their early years also.

How many children are born with autism?

I don't really know..... but, my friend does.... around 1 in every 166 kids have autism . actually that number has changed as of this year (2009) it is now 1 in 100 that is

Are you born with Autism?

Yes. Although the causes of autism are largely unknown, it is a developmental condition that one is born with.

What are the chances of being born with autism?

most people when born have a 1.0% chance of getting autism. though it is about 3 times more likely for males to get autism then females the average chance of having autism for

How can a child be born with autism?

Autism is a neurological difference, it forms when the brain isformed in the womb at around the second trimester. All autisticchildren are born autistic.

What are infants with autism like?

Infants with the disorder won't cuddle; they avoid eye contact and don't seem to want or need physical contact or affection
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Are infant vaccinations linked to autism?

No, there is no link between vaccinations and autism. This idea first came about in 1998 when a study was published byAndrew Wakefield that said there was a link between MMR
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How do you identify autism 9 month old infant?

As an autistic Infant Caregiver, I think it's not a good idea to try to diagnose autism in an infant that young. It's almost impossible to diagnose it before 24 months. Signs