What modern stories that anyone can think of both real-life and fictional have plots that could be turned into great plays by Shakespeare if he were alive today and explain your choices?

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Without a doubt, the arresting and puzzlilng saga of the Grand Duchess Anastasia wpuld be at the top[ of the list of a modern Bard. Shakespeare was well aware of royal and noble power struggles-e.g. Macbeth, It would be interesting to see how he would handle Dame Stasia, please don"t make her an English Girl?
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What did Elizabeth I think about the plays of Shakespeare?

Answer . She must have liked them because his plays were performed for her on multiple occasions..

How is a play different from a fictional story?

The play could be based on a true story with the right people plaing each part!. A play can be about actual events.

How did shakespeare think of his plays?

Shakespeare was inspired by the world around him...love, sex, violence, jealosy, hatred, sorrow, etc. Hamlet (composed in 1600) might have been thought of because of his son Hamnet's death.

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Anyone related to Anastasia alive today?

HM Queen Elizabeth II is related to Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholevna as well as the rest of the Imperial family murdered in 1918. Most of European royalty today are descended one way or another from Queen Victoria of England or Christian IX of Denmark both known as "the grandparents of Europe". The Queen and the late Grand Duchess are third cousins through the Queens paternal lineage. Whereas the Queens consort, Prince Philip of Edinburgh and Grand Duchess Anastasia are second cousins on both his mothers side, the late Princess Andrew (Princess Alice of Battenburg) as well as through his father Prince Andrew of the Hellenes the grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark. Prince Phillips uncle, the late Lord Mountbatten was said to have kept a photograph of his first cousin, Grand Duchess Marie, Anastasia's sister in a Faberge frame next to his bedside until the day he died in 1979 when his yacht was bombed by the IRA.

What is the name of a modern day female political leader that you think has had a great influence in making and changing laws explain your choice?

Golda Meir [Golda Myerson] , former Prime Minister of Israel [the fourth] from 1969 to 1974 she died in 1978.. Angela Dorothea Kasner - Merkel , Chancellor of Germany since November 2005.. Margaret Roberts - Thatche r, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1979 to November 1990.. Benazeer Bhutto , former Prime Minister of Pakistan [1988-1990 and 1993-1996] died December 2007.. Indira Nehru - Gandhi, Prime Minister of India [1966-1977 and 1980-1984] died in October 1984

What are some plots that Shakespeare made that are still used today?

Many of Shakespeare's plots are recycled: Hamlet is retold in The Lion King. Disney's Pocahontas is a Romeo and Juliet story, as is the opera Aida and the musical West Side Story.

Was Shakespeare alive when his plays were published?

About half of Shakespeare's plays were published during his lifetime, including Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Titus Andronicus, both parts of Henry IV, Henry V, the second and third parts of Henry VI, King Lear, Love's Labour's Lost, Merry Wives of Windsor, Much Ado About Nothing, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Troilus and Cressida, Richard II, Richard III and Pericles

How could you explain condensation in a story?

A person built a water farm. He put bores down into the ground to extract saline groundwater. He pumped the water into clear plastic "hothouses" with sloping walls. The heat of the sun caused the water to evaporate and leave the salt behind and when the humidity became high enough in the hothouse the moisture in the air condensed on the clear plastic walls. The build up of condensation then trickled down the walls and was collected and used as pure drinking water. Pretty cool.

What is the plot of the story Macbeth by William Shakespeare?

Witches tell Macbeth he will be king Macbeth kills king Kings son mades sneak attack Macbeth dies

What is the only shakespeare play that was made into a science fiction film?

The argument has been made that Forbidden Planet was based on ( The Tempest) I find this hard to weather. There were no electonic-impulse Id monsters in the Shakespeare play, though they did have some strange animals- one character said- I shall laugh myself to death at this puppy-headed monster! that does not apply to blind forces that can rip through 26 inches of Krell equivalent of stainless steel no way. No Shakespeare play deals with extra-planetary life, it was unthinkable in Elizabethan days. RE: answer about Forbidden Planet and The Tempest I do not know anything about Forbidden Planet. However, before we judge it so superficially-- that it does not have any electronic impulse Id monsters-- perhaps the movie parallels the play on other levels-- the basic situation and plotline, the themes, the types of characters, etc. For example, The Lion King is essentially a reworking of Hamlet. True, there are no lions or monkeys or hyenas in Hamlet, but in Hamlet, Hamlet's father is killed by his father's brother, and Hamlet must decide whether or not to avenge his father's death. In the Lion King, the same basic plot exists.

How did shakespeare think of all his plays?

Shakespeare got the stories for his plays from books usually, or sometimes older plays he had seen. We imagine that Shakespeare read the story and said "That might be the basis of a good play." He would then add new characters and take out others, and change their names sometimes. Sometimes events which are years apart are shown as happening right after one another. Sometimes Shakespeare added a secondary plot of some kind which might never have been a part of the story before, to make the play more interesting. For example, if you know the plays A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet, the story of Peter Quince's play Pyramus and Thisbe is pretty much the same story as the story in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare's genius was not in thinking up plots, but in taking something like Pyramus and Thisbe and turning it into something like Romeo and Juliet.

In fictional writing does the story revolve around the plot or the characters?

Whichever way you want! Some stories are "plot-driven," which means they revolve around the plot or storyline. You pick out a good plot and decide which characters will work best in that particular story. Other stories are "character-driven." You pick out the characters first, then decide which story they will get into. Most writers tend to write one style or the other, though there are exceptions, of course. I tend to be a character-driven writer whose main ideas are "How would these characters respond to this situation?" or "What is the story of this interesting character?" Can be either. I generally have an idea of the plot and then let the characters drive the rest - but sometimes the characters revolt and overthrow the plot. Generally, a guide to knowing which you prefer is, when you have a conflict of interest between plot and characters, do you change the plot or the characters? Whichever one you don't change is the one you prefer to use to drive the story.

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The key to MW2 is playing defensive-agressive. It's much different when compared to the other games in the series, because it focuses heavily on staying hidden or behind something. 1. Don't rush in unless you know what you're doing 2. Don't stay clustered with your team mates, spread out to be most effective 3. Don't sit in one spot too long. Stay at a window for 2-3 kills then move along You should ALWAYS have at least 1 class with stinger missiles in its setup, so you can take out air support. Good luck :)

Can anyone explain to me the meaning and the plot of the short story The Talk by Gary soto?

i havent read this i quite a while, but from how i see it, this is about two boys, one being Gary soto as a young boy, are talking about their futures. they just need to realize that even though the world puts so much foucs on appearance, they can sitll succeed in life because whats on the inside is all that really matters. they just need to have confidence, values, and determination. i could not really figure the plot out myself, so i cant really help you with that, sorry. :D

Why do you think shakespeare is still important to play and films today?

The IMdb lists 783 movies and TV productions based in some way on Shakespeare's writing, 12 in 2009. There is a Shakespeare play playing somewhere in the world at any given time. Numerous acting companies devote themselves exclusively to the works of Shakespeare. Shakespeare continues to be more significant than any other single playwright in the world because he is more frequently acted, not only in the original but also in translations and adaptations. Why? Because he is genuinely better than other playwrights. Actors find his plays challenging; audiences find them moving and funny.

Did shakespeare come up with the stories or plots of his plays if not where did they come from?

Many of the concepts for Shakespeare's plays were original. However, some concepts come from earlier myths. The basic idea of Romeo and Juliet is very similar to the Greek story of Pyramus and Thisbe.

Is the great dane alive today?

If you're talking about the dog breed then yes there are plenty ofGreat Danes alive today.

What do people think of Shakespeare plays?

They continue to be very popular with audiences all over the world, as witness the continual stream of movies of the plays and choice by professional and amateur theatre companies to present them. Actors enjoy the richness of the characters and the dialogue. Academics find them to be a motherlode of academic questions. There are those who do not enjoy Shakespeare's work, as there have always been. There are also a number who don't think they like Shakespeare's plays, but who have never actually seen one performed, and so have no basis for judging. Also, I think that people liked the change in the classic "Happily Ever After" ending that Shakespeare expressed in his plays.

What plays were showing when Shakespeare was alive?

OMEDIES All's Well That Ends Well As You Like It Comedy of Errors Love's Labour's Lost Measure for Measure Merchant of Venice Merry Wives of Windsor Midsummer Night's Dream Much Ado about Nothing Taming of the Shrew Tempest Twelfth Night Two Gentlemen of Verona Winter's Tale HISTORIES Henry IV, Part I Henry IV, Part II Henry V Henry VI, Part I Henry VI, Part II Henry VI, Part III Henry VIII King John Pericles Richard II Richard III TRAGEDIES Antony and Cleopatra Coriolanus Cymbeline Hamlet Julius Caesar King Lear Macbeth Othello Romeo and Juliet Timon of Athens Titus Andronicus Troilus and Cressida

How old would Shakespeare be today if he was alive?

He was born on or about April 23, 1564. That would make him 450 onApril 23, 2014.

Is the Titanic story real or fiction?

The story was thinly based on one female survivor. The thread was the search fora precious stone worn by a passenger. That was fiction. The accuracy came in the shape of the collision with an iceberg, the lack of lifeboats including the reluctance of the crew to fill each lifeboat to maximum. The loss of life and the heroic acts by many people including passengers. The story is true, the film based on some of the facts only.

How popular were Shakespeares plays when he was alive?

His plays were very popular when he was alive and were performed at the Globe Thaetre. People sat through the plays in the open air for round about 5 hours. The groundlings (poor people) use to stand on the ground watching his plays.

Why do shakespeare plays give away the plot?

They don't as a rule. The Prologue to Romeo and Juliet does give away some of the plot at the beginning, but most of the plays don't have prologues. It didn't necessarily matter much because most often the audience knew the story beforehand anyway.

Why do you think Shakespeare gives away the plot of his play in the Prologue?

Actually he gives less away than you might think. You could figure out that Romeo and Juliet were lovers that were going to die from the title of the play: it's about Romeo and Juliet and it's a tragedy. The idea that it's "fair Verona" and that they come from feuding families is background information. The only real giveaway is that the deaths of the children will resolve the feud of the fathers. Why did Shakespeare give this outline? Why do theatre programs contain an outline of the plot? Why do English teachers make you read the play before you watch it? Sometimes knowing what's coming helps you to understand it better.

How many plots do Shakespeare plays usually have?

The tragedies generally have one main plot, although there are diversions from it. Some of the comedies have two plots such as Much Ado About Nothing (the Beatrice/Benedick plot and the Claudio/Hero plot) and Merchant of Venice (the Bassanio/Portia plot and the Shylock/Antonio plot). A Midsummer Night's Dream has three plots. The plot structure of some of the history plays, particularly the Henry VI trilogy, is diffuse and difficult to unravel. The more popular history plays Richard III and Henry V have a more definable main plot. The plot of Pericles is rambling and episodic, but does not have strong subplots. On the other hand, the late play Cymbeline contains Shakespeare's most complex and tightly-written plot.

How many plays where printed when Shakespeare was alive?

If you mean, how many of Shakespeare's plays were printed in his lifetime, the answer is nineteen. There were loads of other plays by other authors printed as well, many of them anonymously.

If Shakespeare were alive today would he argue that evil doers are primarily infulenced by genetics upbringing or their own free choice?

If he were to be alive today he would argue that evildoers are primarily influenced by their own free choice. Taking a took at Macbeth Act IV, the tragic hero chose to do evil things because (this is where the other factors of evil is influenced by) of his strong ambition. He wanted to become king and he wanted to have power, with his persistent wife he manages to kill. And that lead him to show his state of mind wanting to kill some more. But then of course you can also point to Richard III who is a horrible murdering monster because he is born deformed both in body and in mind. Based on this play, you might assume that Shakespeare would argue that genetics are the key factor. Or alternatively you could look at his play Coriolanus where Coriolanus's character, which is the ultimate source of his downfall, is primarily due to his upbringing by his domineering mother. So on the basis of Coriolanus, upbringing is what evil doers are primarily influenced by. In other words, it is hopeless trying to guess what Shakespeare really thought about anything on the basis of what happens in his plays. That is why we have no clue about Shakespeare's personal opinions.

How does Romeo and Juliet's plot line relate to a Shakespeare play?

The Romeo and Juliet plotline is, unsurprisingly, the plot of Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.

What is a great plot for a fan fiction story?

It depends on the book, movie ect. itself. In each category there tend to be a lot of cliches. What may be considered a cliche in one fandom isn't necessarily cliche in another. The best method to write a good fanfiction is to come up with something on your own.

What is a good plot for a modern cinderella's story?

If you're going to be a writer, you need to l learn how to come up with plots! If you can't think of one, it usually means your mind doesn't really want to write that story -- you have to be interested in what you're writing in order to be able to put in the hard work a story needs. Here's a link to how authors get story ideas.

Why do you think there are no dinosaurs alive today?

Some people think there are still dinosaurs, but they've changed so much we don't recognize them. Take a book with dinosaur pictures in it to the zoo and look at the emus.

Can anyone write a story for me sort of about Fictional Gaul gods?

OK I wrote one ... if you send me $100, I will sell it to you. Writers are not going to do your homework for you, because they get paid for writing.

Do non fiction stories have a story plot?

Nonfiction typically does not have a plot as such. Think of a textbook when you think of nonfiction. There is an overall logical connection for the information, and it flows in order so that you understand it, but there's not a "story" usually.

Is this story a real or a fiction?

The Titanic was real ship and it is a real story but certain fiction works have been made about it since its disaster

Did shakespeare fight anyone in his life?

Possibly. We do not have enough records of Shakespeare's life to confirm that he did, and it would be impossible to prove that he didn't.

Why is the story the Trojan war considered to be both nonfiction and fiction?

The Trojan war myth is considered both fiction and nonfiction, as there is some evidence pointing to the fact that there was a war in the place that was once Troy; however, things such as the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, as well as the judgement of Paris, is considered nonfiction.

Which shakespeare plays were famous when he was alive?

It is difficult to be sure. The plays which were published were certainly famous. Henry VI Part III was parodied by Greene which means that the lines in question must have been well-known. There were 18 plays which were published in Shakespeare's lifetime. However, the other plays might have been well-known as well. Julius Caesar was not published until 1623, but a contemporary account suggests that it was well-received when it was publicly performed.

Did Haymitch Abernathy think all along that he could keep them both alive by stressing the love story in the hunger games?

Well, at first he really didnt care about the tributes. Then, getting to know them better he knew they had a shot at winning. So, in the hope of keeping both of them alive he told the couple to pretend to love eachother, hoping the plan would work. After the first book, a relationship develops between the 3 victors although not clearly shown.

What is the plot in a fiction story?

A plot in a fiction story are all the events that make up the story. A very complicated plot is called an imbroglio. A complicated plot would usually be a large book, as a smaller plot would be a smaller book! So in the long run, a plot is just the whole story, but most of the plot will usually be in the middle. The beginning of the book like the setting and characters aren't really apart of the plot but big things like the problem and how it's solved are! It's a hard concept to explain, but that's a plot!

Is a fiction story real or fake?

"Fake" - Fiction means a story that is made-up, not really true, although much fiction is based on true experiences of the author. Historical fiction may involve real people in plausible but imagined circumstances.

Was shakespeare as famous as he is today when he was alive?

Nowhere near. He was well-known in the London theatre crowd during his lifetime, but now he is known to everyone all over the world. Nobody was that famous back then.

Is there anyone who you think could be popstar?

i posted this question but i think i could i have been singing since i was 1 and a half

Are the stories and plays of Shakespeare relevant today?

Yes. The world continues to be populated with human beings, just as it was in Shakespeare's day.

Is the story Great Gatsby fiction or nonfiction?

Most definitely fiction- F. Scott Fitzgerald created the whole story. Some parts are influenced by real event though.

What did Williams shakespeare parents think of his choice of occupation?

They didn't say. After all, by the time he decided to get involved in theatre, he was a married man with children and should have been entitled to make decisions about his life without his parents' sayso. They might have been relieved that after four or five years of unemployment it looked like he might be able to support his family at last. But that is sheer speculation. We don't know enough about the kind of people the Shakespeares were to make an educated guess.

Do you think Anyone could make a robot that is alive why or why not?

No, they can not make a robot that is alive, you can make a robot function or have movements by adding program to the machine. Robot is a functional program by humans.robot does not have ability to think for what is wright and wrong.

How could you explain your existence today?

With all the people that have been born and have died on this planet since time began, I am most assured that there is a God Who has designed that all the ancestors that I have remained alive long enough to procreate so that I would be conceived and born and lived long enough to suffer the amazing concept that everything is in vain without one coming to the knowledge of eternal salvation. Without doubt, there is a God and He is not only The Master Designer and Creator, but has the original qualities of love that we all ignorantly attribute to the human race, as though we each invented love. Actually humans constantly corrupt the whole virtue of love. So, as we view Jesus, The Christ on the cross, we are mystified that One could love like this! And this pure and holy love of God, taking our place in the penalty of sin, should cause one to seek Him with all of our hearts a lifetime pursuit. He can be found since He is not far from every one of us. We are to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, after all He is a consuming fire! At 26 years old, I most certainly wondered at the very question that you are now asking someone to answer. And in my sorrow over recognizing the vanity of life being like a big treadmill, I considered suicide. But this almost overwhelming grasp of futility was actually a doorway into seeking an answer and so it was the most rewarding search of my life up to that point and I am forever grateful for that ability to think it through and find that we indeed have a Lover of Our Soul and a purpose to our lives. I am now 68 and have been through many experiences but now I know why I live and am so happy to have The Lord be my Lord and to have found that I dearly needed Him as my Savior as well. So, it is extremely reasonable to ask such a pertinent question, it is essential, it is supreme!

Can a story be both fiction and nonfiction?

yes... you can have a talking animal that talks about something real... talking animal= fiction... something real= nonfiction

What lessons could a modern leader learn from the story of the Great Wall?

The lessons a modern day leader could learn from the story of the great wall is that they would know how they ruled and how it was made happy :)