What makes sink shower bath and toilet plumbing release sewage smell when water is draining?

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Bad venting system and possibly an untrapped, or dry trap on the shower's drain. Does this envolve a bathroom addition? sounds like something is improperly vented...or your traps siphone due to improper distance between the elbow and downpipe
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What is wrong when sink and shower drain but toilet won't flush?

Based on the limited data in the question:- If the toilet flush is working in that it cascades water in to thepan then the flush IS working. If the water in the pan is notflu

The shower drain in a spare bath gurgled when the toliet flushed or the sink water drained When the shower was used it leaked to the ceiling below. Now it does not gurgle -How do we find the leak?

Answer . Check you vent stack connection inside the house. Gurgling may have been caused by a clogged vent stack not equalizing the pressure. Now that gurgling has stopped

Can the drains for a shower and sink come before the drain for the toilet Example the sink and shower then comes toilet then enters main stack?

In my experience I've seen this type of scenario in older buildings. Usually the sink will tie into the stack in the wall while the shower generaly connects in below the toile

How do you convert shower plumbing to toilet plumbing?

follow the drainage back till u meet with a 3" pipe, extend the 3" pipe back to where u would like the toilet instaled. with in 3-5 of the toilet arm tie in a 2 line and insta

Why has the water from bath sink fill toilet but toilet has no pressure to flush properly water drains out but does not flush?

Up along the rim of the toilet there are little holes that pour the water out when the toilet is flushed. Check the holes, they get clogged from build up over the years... Use

Where does upstairs sink water and shower water drain to?

There is a main drain that runs from the basement through the roof where it is the vent for the system. If you look at the layout of the house, the upstairs bath is most likel