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The Whig Party was able to elect a national candidate for president.
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What was the election of 1860 about?

The election of 1860 included the following candidates:   Abraham Lincoln   John Bell   John Breckenrige   Stephen Douglas     The election of 1860 was most

How did Lincoln win the election of 1860?

The Democratic Party had split into two factions - North and South. Lincoln and the Republicans prsented themselves to the public as the only ones who were moderate on slavery

Election of 1860?

The presidential election this year was one of the most provoked one that we have had so far. The nation is still very shaken up about the slavery divisions. As you know the S

Describe what effect the slavery issue had on the election of 1860?

In the over-heated political atmosphere, dominated by extremists, only the compromise candidate Lincoln was electable. But even he couldn't keep the country out of war. South

Who won the 1860 presidential election?

Abraham Lincoln, the Republican candidate was elected US  president in 1860. His running mate was Hannibal Hamlin from Maine.  The was the first time that a Republican presi

Who the election of 1860?

John F. Kennedy won the 1960 presidential election defeatingRichard Nixon. In the 1960 presidential election John F. Kennedyreceived 303 electoral votes, Richard Nixon receive

Election of 1860 did what?

South Carolina,Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texasdeclared its secession from the United States following theNovember 1860 election of Republican cand