What languages are spoken in Miami Florida?

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After living there for over 20 years, I feel the most common languages overheard in Miami are:


(in that order)

Italian, French and Hebrew are also spoken by some.
85% of people in Miami speak English and the other 15% speak other languages.
English is the official language, but spanish has a important influence there, Florida was discovered by spain. But there are a lot of latins in miami. Also they speak some french, the are a lot of inmigrants from haiti--> french
Basic English is acceptable in most transaction.
Spanish, English are the main languages
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What language is mostly spoken in Florida?

Almost 77% of Florida's residents speak English as their first language. Spanish is spoken by less than 17%. Other languages are French and Haitian Creole, German, Italian, Po

What languages are spoken in Florida?

Mainly Engish and Spanish well, they do speak English there and there are some spanish people over there too Hi they only use American talk and i hope you get this answer righ

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Is Portuguese spoken in Miami?

Yes . Data from the 2000 census give Miami a total population of 362,460. Three languages dominate. Spanish speakers account for 66.75% of the total population; English, 25.45

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No , the city of Miami is in the state of Florida within the United States. You had it backwards.

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it say what the THE was so you cant answer it and the answer is maybe or maybe or maybe not
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