What language is the word caterwaul derived from?

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This is a Middle English word, and derives from an imitation of the cat itself.
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From what language is the word diploma derived?

Diploma is a Latin word that was derived from the word diploo from the Greek language. Diploo is said to mean "to fold" and is meant to be used when describing official, seale
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From which language is the word 'stance' derived?

Stance is about the way someone stands, their posture but it can also mean the way someone is, their attitude towards another person or something. Stance is an English word de
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What language is the word gluttony derived from?

The word gluttons is derived from the language that is known as Latin from the word gluttire (to gulp or swallow), where the definition of the word means over-consumption of t
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From what language does the word predicated derive?

The word predicated derives from the Latin word praedicare which means to assert publicly. The Latin word is made up of two parts. The first part, prae, means "in front" in La