What kind of foods do Turkish people eat?

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There are many different kinds of foods such as: lamb chops, Turkish kebabs, yayla çorba (plataue soup), köfte (turkish meatballs), döner (slices of meat in a sandwich), pilav (rice), shish (grilled meat or chicken), and many many more.
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What animals do Turkish people eat?

Turks eat most poultry and typically eat sheep/lamb as the dominant red meat. There is some consumption of beef and goat. Although since most Turks are Muslims, pork is often

What do Turkish people eat for Christmas?

Turkish people are mostly Muslim so There is no Christmas for them. Turkish people celebrate new year but it's not so much important thing that having something speacial for C

Where can you eat the best Turkish food?

In the best restaurant in Turkey, of course! If you wanted to know a different answer - maybe for the town or city you are in - then it would have been a very good idea to

What do Turkish people eat on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is not a Turkish Holiday. Thanksgiving is primarilycelebrated in the United States and Canada. They would eat whatthey normally do on any other day.

Do Turkish people eat maggots?

Sure they don't!Turkish people don't eat insect,bug,maggot etc.It's not about they're Muslim etc. (also all of them are not Muslim) It's about "eating maggots " is very disgus

Do Turkish people eat dogs?

No. Traditionally, Turkish are Muslims and are forbidden from eating dogs.

What do Turkish people eat for dinner?

1. Black cabbage soup is traditional to the north east of Turkey. 2. Kumpir is another form of street food. It is simply a jacketpotato with a crisp outer skin and soft inside

What food did the ancient Turkish people eat?

It depends what you meant by "Ancient Turkish people". If you are referring to the people endemic to the Anatolian peninsula, such as the Lydians, the Hittites, and numerous