What kind of damage can earthquakes and volcanoes do?

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Lava Flow- a surge of viscous molten rock which can cause widespread damage to farmland and settlements as well as ruining landscapes when it solidifies. They can reach temperatures of 1200 degrees.
Lahar or Mudflow- When water is mixed with rock,debris and mud to form a sort of concrete mixture. These flow down from a volcano and into villages destroying settlements.
Pyroclastic Flow- Occur when a volcano erupts. They are fast moving currents of extremely hot gas. These are very deadly and can reach speeds of around 450 mph and reach temperatures of 1000 degrees. People die mostly of this.
Ash Clouds- They are poisonous, and cause havoc in transport. The ash from the volcano travels into the air affecting machinery and engines of airborne vehicles (air planes). It also creates pollution and is bad for the lungs of living things (humans or animals, and sometimes plants, even though they don't have lungs).
  • Buildings collapse
  • Bridges Collapse and roads and railways get interrupted
  • Power and communication lines come down.
  • Gas and water mains fracture
  • Disease is a common secondary problem as water supplies are contaminated
  • Fire
  • Rivers or Lakes may overflow causing flooding
  • Landslides and avalanches
  • Tsunami

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