What kind of captivty environment are you in when you are attacked by a guard and the guard is pulled off you then the next day you are attcked by a different guard and no one stops him?

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What is Difference of color guard and honor guard?

Honor guard is used in the military and in some special occasions as graduations). It usually includes the American flag, rifle, state flag?, and some others. Color guard usua

In football What does it mean when a guard pulls?

When a guard "pulls," it's a deliberate attempt to force his defensive counterpart to one side or the other, as opposed to blocking straight ahead. The intent is to open up a

Why didn't the Jews attack the guards?

They did in several concentration camps and ghettos; most noteably, Treblinka - the Polish death camp that was taken back by Jewish inmates and was burned to the ground in 194

What is the meaning of Idiom off your guard?

The expression "off your guard" means that you are not prepared; that you are not watching for something and are not ready; that you are relaxed and not tense with waiting for
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Do you get days off while in National Guard boot camp?

Yes, you get "Family Day" which if I remember correctly, is 2 days.And its not "National Guard Basic" its Army Basic. They are thesame thing. Nat Guard trains with active Army