What jobs do Italians have?

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Italians may have jobs in churches, as administrative and religious staff. Or they may have jobs in family businesses, such as boutiques and restaurants. Or they may have jobs in hostels and hotels. Or they may have jobs in industry and manufacturing, such as leather workers. Or they may have jobs in international corporations that have offices in Italy. Or they may have jobs in municipal, provincial and national government. Or they may have jobs in medicine, such as doctors in hospitals and nurses in clinics. Or they may have jobs in regional organizations, such as the European Union and the North Atlantic Defense Organization. Or they may have jobs in research, such as scientists and statisticians. Or they may have jobs in international, private and public schools. Or they may have jobs in tourist industries, such as tour guides and travel agents.
So basically, Italians have the same jobs as a person in any other country might have.

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What type of jobs do italians have?

There so many different types of jobs that Italians have. Some ofthem include accounting, performing arts, medicine architecture,engineering and so many more.

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