What jobs can a 14 year old get in the UK?

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When you are 14 you cannot get a very good job that has a very good pay sadly, but why not try;

-Kennels or cattery
-Old peoples homes
-Paper round
-Moving lawns
-Walking dogs

It is hard to find a good job but there are some out there.

Good luck anyone who is trying to find a job. :)
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What jobs can a 14-year-old get in the UK?

what jobs can 14 year olds do? you can baby sit or someone can hire you to mow the lawn or do shopping for them maybe paper go 'round and little stuff probs work in a little

What job can a 14 year old have?

Any kind of jobs that are not too dangerous and jobs that the parents approve of. for example: . baby sitting . walking dogs . animal day care . local shortstop shopping (

Where can a 14 year old find a good paying job in the UK?

I'm sorry to tell you this but at this time of hardship it is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE , I'm 16 and have been applying for job for the past half a year. I'm very clever and pre

Jobs for 14-year-olds in the UK?

Baby sitting is popular , easy if you are good with kids and pays well.You can earn £20 a night if you are lucky. Paper round - these involve getting up early and riding a

What jobs can 14 year olds in the UK get?

hey,. at 14 jobs you can get are working at a shop, cafe, hair dresser and more things all you need to do is have a look on google and find some.. good luck hope you find a