What jobs can 15 year old get in phoenix Arizona?

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You can work at safeyway as a packer or Chick Fil A as a host!
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What jobs can a 15-year-old get?

Seeking employment? . You can work in an: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station.. You g

Jobs for a 15 year old?

Hi ,, i would like to babysit for a job at the weekends because i don't like staying in , so i thought i would look for a job as babysitting because i like playing with little

Where can 15 year old get a job?

Capri Theater If you can computer, maybe you can have a try at some online markets like Ebay and Topons to get a part-time job. it's seems Easy and with a well salary........

Can you help you get a job in Arizona for 15 year olds?

If you ar competent, devoted, capable, qualified, willing and in need of employment a job of some kind is surely available. It may not be what you think you need, want or are

What kinds of jobs can a 15 year old get in Arizona that gets paid well?

Unfortunately, there aren't many jobs available for 15 year olds. Your best bet is to try fast food (such as McDonnalds or Burger King) or a grocery store. Many grocery stores

Jobs for 15 year olds in Arizona?

There are lots of places hiring 15 year old's for summer jobs. Like lifeguards, or even sometimes those small family owned businesses. A popular place that 15 year olds would