What is your middle name for?

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so ur parents can use it to yell at u
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Why do you have middle names?

You have a middle names because when you are born or even before your parents pick a name for youa first name and it is up to your parents when you are born you ither dont or

Samuel walkers middle name is?

Samuel Hamilton Walker He was a Texas Ranger captain and military officer of the Republic of Texas and the United States armies. . For the source and more detailed inf

What is a middle name?

A middle name is name from which you gain usually from your mother's maiden name. Otherwise, your parents could have given you any middle name they choose.

Why do you have a middle name?

A middle name is used to honor a friend of your parents, to remember a relative, to sustain use of an important personal name or surname in your family's history, to reference

What is a middle name for?

Despite their relatively long existence in Northern America, the phrase "middle name" was not recorded until 1835 in Harvardiana, a periodical of the time. Since 1905, "midd

Does your middle name have to be your dad's names?

Your middle name can be anything your parents want it to be. In some cultures and in some families, there is a tradition of giving the mother's maiden name to the first boy, o