What is with Walt Disney's symbol on his black tie?

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The symbol appears on Walt Disney's tie shown during the Rocket Rods queue narration and on the bronze statue of Disney in the center of Disneyland. It looks like an Asian language character, but it is actually a compound of the letters S T R, which apparently stands for Walt Disney's "Smoke Tree Ranch" - ranch where he had his vacation home, located in Palm Springs, California.
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Where was Walt Disney's hometown?

Walt Disney was born in Chicago, IL and grew up in Marceline, MO and Kansas City, MO, moving back to Chicago when he was a teenager.

Who was Walt Disney's role model?

his brother Roy Disney was his role model or at least that is whatthey believed when he died, and still today in the year 2016.

Who is Walt Disney's wife?

Walt Disney's wife's name was Lilian Disney. She was not only married to the founder of the Walt Disney Productions Company, but also is known for naming, Mickey Mouse, who wa
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When did Walt Disney's brother die?

Walt Disney had three brothers. His most well-known was Roy Oliver Disney, Walt's lifelong business partner. Roy died on December 20, 1971, just two months after the opening o
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What do Walt Disney's children do now?

Sharon Disney Lund died in 1993 from cancer. Diane Disney Miller currently lives in Napa Valley, California with her husband. They own and operate the Silverado Vineyards W