What is vibrio fischeri?

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Vibrio fischeri is a gram-negative rod-shaped bacterium found globally in the marine environments. It has bioluminescent properties, and is found predominantly in symbiosis with various marine animals, such as the bobtail squid. It is heterotrophic and moves by means of flagella. Free living V. fischeri survive on decaying organic matter (see saprotroph). The bacterium is a key research organism for examination of microbial bioluminescence, quorum sensing, and bacterial-animal symbiosis.
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What is a vibrio cholerae?

Vibrio cholerae is a type of gram negative curved rod shaped bacteria. It has got single flagellum at one end. It is a causative organism of cholera.

What is the meaning of the scientific name fischeri?

Are you asking about fischeria, rather than fischeri? Fischeria is a Genus of the Family of Tachinidae, from the Order of Diptera, from the class of Insecta, from the Phylum

What shape are vibrio?

Vibrio is a kind of bacteria. These are comma (,) shaped. There are also other types of bacteria. They are: . Cocci (round shaped) . Baccilli (rod-shaped) . spirilla (spi