What is used to connect a DVD player to a television?

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It can use A/V, (Audio Video) cords. In Europe use the SCART sockets and leads. The older DVD players have an RF output with a round (Belling Lee) co-axial antenna cord.
With the Scart/AV leads, select the AV input on the TV.
With the antenna type connection, you will have to tune the TV to the DVD's channel.
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How do you connect a DVD player to a tv?

Using a cable. It varies based on your DVD Player and TV. Some DVD Players can be connected using Scart, Composite, Component, RGB and HDMI cables. Only use on cable at a time

What sort of connectors should be used to connect a progressive scan TV and DVD player?

The choice of connector is defined by the connectors on the DVD player and the TV. However, if you have a selection of connectors on each this is the preferred order to delive

Can you connect Blu-ray DVD player to normal tv?

Yes. Blu-Ray players will only operate with a standard definition television using the analog outputs on the player. The outputs are standard definition of course, so the HD q

Connect bluray DVD player to old tv?

Most Blueray players have an analog output that delivers standard definition signals. If a high definition disc is played, the output will normally provide an SD version of th

Can you connect an ordinary DVD player to an HD Ready TV?

Absolutely you can. An HD or HD ready TV will handle HD signals but they all will accept and display standard definition signals. That includes DVD players, VHS players and al

Can you use Composite video 3-jack component video and s-video are types of connections to connect a DVD player to a tv?

Composite, S-video and component are three different analog interfaces for standard definition television signals. Component is the best quality of the three, followed by S-vi

How do you connect a Sony DVD player to a Samsung Smart TV?

There are two likely connections available. First, you can use analog composite connections, normally using red, white and yellow RCA leads. Second, HDMI connections are on

How do you connect a DVD player and cable TV cord to a TV?

Usually the cable goes straight into the TV, and the DVD connects to the TV with RCA cables, either 3 wires (composite) or 5 wires (component). Newer DVD players and TVs can