What is true about cancer?

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It consists of cells that don't respond to control factors.
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Is Lil Wayne cancer true?

Yes. Lil Wayne did cough medicine so much on a daily basis (Like drank whole bottles) and doctors say he might not live to 35. No joke.

What is true about cancer cells?

They do not exhibit density-dependent inhibition when growing in culture.. When they stop dividing, they do so at random points in the cell cycle.. They are not subject to c

Is it true that cancer is cause by radiation?

Yes, cancer is known to be caused by extended exposure nuclear radiation. If is also suspected by some that electromagnetic radiation (from electrical power lines and radio tr

Is it true that copper can cause cancer?

I searched and couldn't find any evidence supporting this claim. An earlier answer cited several websites purported to be studies confirming the link, but only two of the four

Is it true that urine kills cancer?

No, there is one thing that can heal some cancers. and its apricot seeds. there is a juice inside them and they heal. But that's only for some cancers not all.

Is it true that the computer gives you cancer?

There is a chance. If you are using a desktop computer make sure when your on it your in good lighting. If your on a laptop, they can cause cancer. Don't put a laptop directly

Is it true cancer does not develop in space?

I see no reason why it shouldn't develop in space. Apart from the lack of gravity - which seems irrelevant in this case - outer space is not much different from here.