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What is the unit of sale for a barber?

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one haircut
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What are unit sales?

  Unit sales is simply the number of units that a business sold in a given period for time. Assume a business sells widget A for $10 each and widget B for $5 each.   Mo

What are the Samples of deed of sale of a condominium unit?

Any sample deed of sale will necessarily be edited, modified and amended, based on your governing documents. Your local realtor can help you develop a deed of sale that will

What is sales price per unit?

Sales price per unit means the price of any single unit of productto be sold for example price of one air conditioner is 30000 etc.

What do you mean by unit sales manager?

The sales manager is the person responsible for leading and guiding a team of salespeople. A sales manager's tasks often include assigning sales territories, setting quotas,