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Sweet 16 Candle lighting ceremony The sweet 16-candle lighting is a ceremony where the birthday girl lights of total of 16 candles. She lights each candle in representation of someone who has made a difference in her life. As she lights each candle she can say who the person is and why they have made a difference in her life (May want to keep each one short, as she does have to mention 16 people) or you can listed the 16 people in her programs. The couples in the ceremony are referred to as the court of honor. After the introduction of each couple in her court of honor, the birthday girl walks in with her escort (she should be wearing slippers and should not have on her tiara). As a gift to the audience, the birthday girl along with her court of honor presents 1-2 dance routines; traditionally they dance to one slow song and one fast song. There is a crowning ceremony done by the father and Godfather (or uncle), each will carry a small pillow, one with her tiara and one with her shoes (aka-glass slippers). There should be a chair or swing waiting for her to sit in to make a change from her slippers/sneakers into her shoes/pumps. The father and Godfather (or uncle) will assist in the changing of the shoes, and then they will crown her with the tiara. The father will escort her to the dance floor and present his daughter to the world as a young woman, who will then share in a father/daughter dance. After the father/daughter dance is the candle lighting ceremony. The audience sings happy birthday to the birthday girl. Then the party begins! Open dance floor and food/drinks for everyone.
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What do you say for a sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony?

  Answer   For each candle its a different person or a group of people important in your life. Usually you pick a song to be played while they come up and the candle

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Why is it called sweet 16 birthday?

Sweet Sixteen originally began in the 1800s. At that time when a  girl turned age 16, she was generally presented to society so she  could find a suitable man to marry. She

What do you call a Mexican sweet 16 birthday?

  In the Mexican culture, we actually celebrate the 15th Birthday, which is called a Quincenaera (which is basically a sweet sixteen celebration in the America culture).

Sweet 16 candle songs?

Grandparents- When I'm 64 (the Beatles) Friends - With a Little Help from my Friends (Beatles) Cousins - Forever Young (Rod Stewart) Best friend - You're my Best Friend

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you could wish something like... i wish that he and i will be together or something. or wish that you and your boyfriend will be in a good relationship. but you honestly dont