What is the templar banking system?

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Originally set up in Knight Templar churches across Europe, as at least one was common in most cities at the time. Travelers could deposit whatever 'gold' etc they wanted in exchange for written document of what they've deposited. They could turn this in at any other Temple church in return for equal wealth. (it was set up so there'd be no danger of being robbed/loseing money on travels)
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Of the templars?

An occult order of chivalry originally perfectly orthodox the order of the templars seems to have become influenced by gnosticism and the occult The order of the militia of t

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Who are the Templars?

The Templars, were among most wealthy and powerful of the WesternChristian military order. The Templars were officially by theCatholic church in 1129.

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how to make a system of banking transactions? just a simple system and its dat He closed all banks and only re-opened those with enough money.abase

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The Knights Templar were officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church around 1129. King Baldwin II of Jerusalem gave two veterans of the first Crusade (Godfrey and Hugh)

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What are templars?

Templars were knights of the Catholic Church. Thier symbol is a red cross upon a shield. If they still exist, it is in secret.
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