What is the style of pugin's houses of parliament?

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Gothic revival
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What is house styles?

A House style is a set of rules which states how all documents and written communication from an organisation should be formatted.

The House of Lords is the House of Parliament?

The House of Lords is also referred to as the 'Upper House' or 'Upper Chamber' of the Houses of Parliament. Which is comprised of two 'Houses'. Firstly the House of Lords, and

House of Lords is what in the house of Parliament?

The 'Houses of Parliament' in Westminster London are split into one 'House of Lords' where Lords, Bishops, Hereditary Peers and others sit and debate matters, and one 'House o

When did Parliament move into new Parliament house?

Australia's old Parliament House, which was officially opened on 9 May 1927, was only ever intended to be a temporary residence for Parliament to sit. However, it served Austr

What is Parliament House?

Parliament House is where Australia's Parliament, consisting of the Senate (Upper House) and the House of Representatives (Lower House) meets.. Positioned on Capital Hill in

The House of Lords is the House of Parliament.?

Not exactly... The House of Lords debates bills that have beenpassed by the House of Commons - before the bill it sent to thePalace - so that the Monarch can sign it into law.