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What is the similarity between the larynx and guitar?

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Both the larynx and the guitar have cords.
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What are differences between the pharynx and larynx?

The pharynx is the part of your throat that connects your inner nose to your throat. It is the part of your throat at the back of your mouth. Just below that is the larynx, wh

What are the Similarities between electric and acoustic guitars?

Musically they do the same notes at each fret so you can go straight from one to the other.. They both have the same number of strings 6, or 12. . They both have the same p

What is the relationship between expiration and larynx?

Sound is generated in the larynx, and that is where pitch and volume are manipulated. The strength of expiration from the lungs also contributes to loudness, and is necessary

What are similarities between guitar and ukulele?

Similarities: . Strings . Tuning keys . Hollow sound box . Frets . Bridge Differences: . Size - The ukulele is typically much smaller . Strings - While there

What are the similarities between a guitar and a violin?

The similarities of a violin and guitar is that they are both stringed instruments. But the differences are the violin is played with a stick (it is called a bow) and the guit
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Are there any similarities between guitar and piano?

strings. In addition to strings, there are a number of other similarities shared by the guitar and piano. Both are polychromatic instruments, meaning that more than one note