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How is interpretation different than paraphrase?
If saying what the text means, in other words, is not paraphrase, what then are we doing? What can the interpretive critic do to go beyond paraphrasing, and in a way reducing the test to a specific meaning or set of meanings in less beautiful words?
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What importance do animals have in 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck?

Animals are significant in the story both through symbolism andreflecting characters' personalities. Candy's old dog representsmigrant farm workers when they get older in that they become tiredand are gotten rid of. The puppy and mice Lennie gets andaccidentally kills show the strength he cannot control and hiscompassion for soft things. The rabbits that Lennie hopes to haveand care for give George control over Lennie by threatening himwith not allowing him to tend the rabbits if he does not behave. Animals are significant in the story both through symbolism andreflecting characters' personalities. For example 'long gulps, snorting into water like a horse'. Thisshows how Steinbeck portrays Lennie because off how he behaves andthe structure off his body is built up showing us that he`s stronglike a horse or bear? 'Dragging his feet a little, way a bear dragshis paws' Carlson insists on shooting the dog because he claims it is too oldand ill to be of any use. Candy is devastated. He has a very olddog, which he has had from a pup. It is his only friend andcompanion. Candy's dog parallels Candy's dilemma. Though the petwas once a great sheepherder, it was put out to pasture once itstopped being productive. Candy realizes that his fate is to be put on the roadside as soonas he's no longer useful; on the ranch, he won't be treated anydifferently than his dog. Worse than the dog parallel, though, isthat Candy (unlike his dog) is emotionally broken by this wholeaffair. He can't bring himself to shoot his pet himself, and wesuspect this is going to be the same fear and reticence that keephim from making anything more of his life. Candy can't stand up forhis pet because Candy can't stand up for him. The puppy and mice Lennie gets and accidentally kills show thestrength he cannot control and his compassion for soft things. The rabbits that Lennie hopes to have and care for give Georgecontrol over Lennie by threatening him with not allowing him totend the rabbits if he does not behave. "Tonight I'm going to lay right here and look up. I like it." Thisseems to relax Lenny, within this space he is more animal-like"snorting into the water like a horse." Lenny is content withinnature. This could show that Lenny, like the wilderness, is notman-made, not molded by society. The ending was indeed shocking but it shows the strength ofGeorge's love for Lenny. It was the most amazing act of kindness hecould bestow upon his friend. Our world does not take well todifference. Lenny was different, childish even. The way he wasstereotyped made him another victim of our society. Steinbeck created a world; a world of dreams and hope. Lennycarries these qualities. With the destruction of his character camethe destruction of these childish fantasies. Steinbeck uses the immense power of the written word to show thestruggle of immigrant workers, he knew as a child during theAmerican depression. George and Lennie share a dream - to own a little patch of land andlive on it in freedom. Lennie's main desire is to tend thesoft-haired rabbits they will keep. He is so set on the idea thathe even knows of some land that he thinks they could buy.

'Of Mice and Men' by Robert Burns?

Of Mice and Men is the novel written by John Steinbeck . The title of the novel is taken from a Scottish poem 'To a Mouse ' by Robert Burns.

Who is aunt Clara in Of Mice and Men?

Aunt Clara is Lennie's aunt. She isn't in the story because she isalready dead, but she is referred to by both Lennie and Georgethroughout the novel.

What is mice and men about?

Takes place around 1930's. It's about 2 guys. George & Lenny. Lenny is a big guy & he's mental, but people then just thought he was dumb since back then they didn't know that stuff. George is taking care of him becase Lenny's Aunt Clara died. Lenny got kicked out of Weed, a town because he touched a girl's dress, and she told people he was trying to rape her, so they had to get out. (Lenny didn't know it was a bad thing). They come along a job thing. Like a barn type thing? & they are working there to fullfill their dream of owning a farm. later on in the book (nothing is really important in the middle.) Lenny accidently kills Curley's wife, (Boss's son's wife. Curley's wife is her name.) On accident. He shook her. & George had to kill him before the other guys did. Its a really good book & I just read it in English. Man vs. man: Lenny vs. Curley (fight) Man vs. society: Crooks, (African American) Man Vs. Man: George killing Lenny, Hands shook, nervous. Man Vs. Nature: Dust bowl.

To what animal is Lennie compared in mice and men?

To a bear, a horse, a mouse and a dog.. 'Dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws'.. 'Drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse'.. 'Slowly, like a terrier who doen't want to bring a ball to its master, Lennie apporached, drew back, approached again'.. 'They'll tie ya up with a collar, like a dog'.

What two animals is Lennie compared to in the novel 'Of Mice and Men'?

Lennie is compared more to a bear and a dog in obedience, strength, and several other things too. . One is a mouse. Lennie's childlike mental capabilities render him as helpless as a mouse.

Some examples of Animal imagery in 'Of Mice and Men'?

Lennie dabbled his big paw . This gives the effect of describing Lennie as a large animal such as a bear. It emphasises his size and 'dabble' makes him sound quite clumsy and innocent

What does 'Of Mice and Men' have to do with mice?

Someone has probably point out to you that the title comes from Robbie Burns' poem "To a Mouse" (If you haven't read it, it's here: http://www.worldburnsclub.com/poems/translations/554.htm ), where mice and people are compared, in that both make plans but do not control the outcome. Furthermore, as you go through the book, you'll notice Lennie's fascination with small animals, including mice. He genuinely loves them, but is unable to handle them gently. In one scene, he accidentally kills a mouse. This foreshadows a murder later on in the book - the mouse and the person have died in the same way, and both deaths were equally inevitable. To add to that, the line in Robert Burn's "To a Mouse" : "The best laid plans of mice and men/ are often gone astray." Besides for the actual words for the title actually coming from this line in the poem, in the poem, the mouse is described as laboring over creating a perfect nest, only to have it destroyed by a bird, causing the mouse to rebuild the nest. The poem is depicting perfectly the idea of carefully prepared plans that people or animals make often don't work out. This idea is shown in the book through George and Lennie's dream being shattered. Unrealistic as it may be in George's eyes, the dream is still something to hope and plan for, as he and Lennie had been doing for a long time. Unfortunately, this plan does not work out in the end.

What is the role of curley's wife in Of Mice and Men?

Curley's wife represents the loneliness of all the characters on the ranch. Even though she has a husband, she feels empty inside and feels very alone which suggests why she always hangs around the other men at the ranch. She doesn't necessarily try to talk to the men to start trouble but she just wants someone to talk to and who will listen which is why she especially takes an interest in Lennie.

What is Of Mice and Men about?

Of Mice And Men is about 2 men who go and look for work during the great depression. It shows how hard it was to get a job. Lennie who has a mental disorder makes it difficult for George to even keep a job. It was written by John Steinbeck in 1937, and is a story about two characters who are talking as they walk along looking for work. The main character is Lennie Small. He is mentally disabled but no-one knows why. Maybe he was born that way but that we do not know. The other is George Milton. He is the smart one of them both. As they walk, Lennie asks George if they could buy a house together, with a farm. George agrees. We also learn that Lennie likes to pet soft animals, such as mice and puppies, which he often kills by mistake! And we also find out that he has a dead mouse in his pocket, which greatly angers George. George throws it across the river. Two other main characters are the boss's son, Curley, and Curley's wife (It's a shame no one knew her name.) George warns Lennie to keep away from both of them. Two days later we find Lennie alone in a barn, with a puppy he had accidentally killed. Curley's wife comes in. Lennie starts stroking her hair, but in a little struggle he breaks her neck by accident (killing her) as he doesn't know his own strength. Curley finds out it was Lennie who killed his wife, and goes out with all the employees to find Lennie. George stays at work but he knows where Lennie would go, so he takes a handgun he had secretly stolen from Carlson and goes to find Lennie, by the banks of the Salinas River. He finds Lennie and calms him down, but Lennie asks loads of questions about the house they are going to buy together. George tells Lennie to look the other way. Lennie always does what George tells him. As Lennie is looking away, George pulls out the gun and shoots Lennie, his friend, in the back of the head, killing him instantly. At the sound of the gun, the men come running. Curley, Carlson and Slim see that Lennie is dead, and all know that it was George who did it. George tells them that Lennie had the stolen gun, and that he, George, had gotten it away from him and then killed him. Slim, a very friendly and wise ranch-hand, gets close to George and whispers to him "You hadda, George. I swear you hadda, Come on with me." and they go off to get a drink together. As Carlson and Curley watch Slim lead George away, Carlson says to Curley ... ----Whilst the story is about characters living during the American depression, the title of the book provides the clue to the over-riding 'message' of the story, that "the best laid plans of Mice and Men often turn out ugly", a line from Robert Burns poignant poem 'To A Mouse On turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough' (1785) * For a copy of this poem, see Related links below this box

In the novel Of Mice and Men what do mice and men represent?

It's an allusion to a line from the poem "To A Mouse" by Robert Burns: "The best schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley". This means that the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. This is a very cynical statement, saying that nothing is ever easily done, or plans never will work out.

What do mice seem to represent in of the mice and men?

Lennies love for soft things, take the dead mouse he had in the very beginning of the novel. It's not hard to understand.

What current actor would would best fit the role of Lennie from Of Mice and Men?

The previous actors were Lon Chaney Jr., Randy Quaid and John Malcovich, so my choice would be Val Kilmer, Benico Del Toro, Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck, Cuba Gooding, Kevin Spacey. . I think if a another remake was done with black actors Morgan Freeman and Cuba Gooding would be an excellent choice.

Which two animals die in 'Of Mice and Men'?

Candy's dog died and the mouse Lenny had in his pocket, and there was also a pup that was killed by Lenny. He was petting it to hard.

Why does Lennie have mice in Of Mice and Men?

He likes the softness of their fur, just how he likes the fur on the puppy or how he imagines the rabbits

What the men do on Sundays in 'Of Mice and Men'?

They have the day off they can do whatever they want...although they usually play poker.

What animal is George compared in mice and men?

This is more of what you think he is. I think he is like a mother goose.

What 3 animals is Lennie small compared to in the book 'Of Mice and Men'?

To a bear, a horse, a mouse and a dog. 'Dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws'. 'Drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse'. 'Slowly, like a terrier who doen't want to bring a ball to its master, Lennie apporached, drew back, approached again'. 'They'll tie ya up with a collar, like a dog'..

Examples of irony in mice of men?

Lennie's name. Lennie Small. He's not small in the book; he's muscular and has a big build. Curley's wife's dream. She wants fame and wealth and luxury, but the society is, depressed and bankrupt. Hardly a fitting dream of the dream, although cinema was increasing in popularity at the time.

Of Mice and Men describe carlson?

Carlson - A ranch-hand, Carlson complains bitterly about Candy's old, smelly dog. He convinces Candy to put the dog out of its misery. When Candy finally agrees, Carlson promises to execute the task without causing the animal any suffering. Later, George uses Carlson's gun to shoot Lennie.

What is the moral of 'Of Mice and Men'?

Responsibility and love. Does George or any else have the right to kill Lennie? http://www.bellmore-merrick.k12.ny.us/mice2.html

What poetry is related to 'Of Mice and Men'?

The title is taken from 'To A Mouse', a poem by Robert Burns. It's on the following link. http://www.robertburns.org.uk/Assets/Poems_Songs/toamouse.htm

What is Curley upset about 'Of Mice and Men'?

Curley constantly has to look for his wife around the ranch, as she often does not stay in their house where he expects her to be. She refuses to fit into the typical stereotype of a housewife, and often disobeys her husband. Curley and his wife have a loveless marriage, as Curley just treats her as a possession. Curley would be upset and humiliated at having to always looks for his wife, because the novel is set in a patriarchal society (men are the dominant gender) and he would expect his wife to obey him. Another reason why Curley might be upset is because his hand is broken by Lennie who acts in self-defense when Curley launches an unprovoked attack on him. Curley's broken hand makes his dream of becoming a famous boxer seem very unlikely. It could also be argued that Curley is upset when his wife is killed, because she belonged to him. However, he is not portrayed as being upset, as his reaction to his wife's murder is to track down and kill Lennie, the man who accidently murdered her, as revenege.

Does Lennie die in mice and men?

Lennie does die in 'Of Mice and Men', he is killed in the 6th (final chapter) by his friend George. George shoots him in the 'brush' which is also featured in the first chapter, in order to prevent Lennie from being lynched by Curley and his mob, or locked up in a prison cell.

Identify candy in Of Mice and Men?

candy is old, has one hand and an old dog who is killed at some point in the story. he is seen as useless.

'Of Mice and Men' as a social protest?

He was showing how the weak ones were outcasted. He wants people to stand up to that, and wants to evoke this feeling when George wrongly kills Lennie.

'Of Mice and Men' Susy?

In the novel Of Mice and Men, Suzy is the owner of a brothel which the ranch workers visit when they receive their monthly wages. Suzy is in competition with Clara, a lady who runs a rival brothel. However, the ranch workers in Of Mice and Men prefer Suzy's place because she has a good sense of humour.

Why is this book called Of Mice and Men?

There's a poem by Robert Burns... The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promis'd joy! (The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For promised joy!) Robert Burns. .

Who wrote lines 'Of Mice and Men'?

If you mean about the poem it was written by Robert Burns from his poem 'To a Mouse'.

What is Crooks' role in Of Mice and Men?

He represents the role of black people in society in California in 1937 (during the depression). He has very few rights, even compared to Curley's wife, who threatens him. His role also emphasises the loneliness of life on the ranch which he clearly expresses to Lennie. Also, the shattering of dreams, since he says "Hundreds of them [people]... every one of 'em's got a piece of land in his head. An' never a God damn one of 'em ever gets it."

What symbolizes women in 'Of Mice and Men'?

Women are an accesory to men. For example in when curley told his wife to leave and go back to the house she replied no you are not on control of me, but then she left, because he was the ruler of her.

What does Lennie do with water in 'Of Mice and Men'?

in the beginning before they camp out for the night they stop by a body of still water. Lennie sticks his face in it and drinks it.

What animal is curly in 'Of Mice and Men'?

Do you mean after the fight with Lennie. He is described as - Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and his closed fist was lost in Lennie's hand. ...

Who is mice in 'Of Mice and Men'?

Of Mice and Men it is a quote from Robert Burns's poem To a Mouse, on Turning up her nest with a Plough: "The best laid schemes of mice and men Gang aft agley, " Which may be translated as "the best laid plans of mice and men often go askew" It could be argued that all of the characters can, to some extent, be likened to the mice in this poem as they all have dreams which will never come true ("go askew"). For example; . Curley dreams of being a boxer, but this dream is shattered when Lennie breaks his hand. . Curley's wife dreams of being a movie star, but this dream is shattered when she marries Curley. . Crooks dreams of having friends, but this will never happen because of the racism in 1930s America. . George and Lennie dream of owning their own land, but this will not happen as it is an unrealistic dream. All of the characters are like mice in that they are all controlled by something bigger than them; as mice are controlled by men, so the characters are controlled by the social and economic circumstances in the Great Depression, which led to a huge increase in the number of "lonely" itinerant workers. Steinbeck's theme of determinism reflects this point.

Where were the two men traveling from in mice of men?

They are two men were traveling from Weed, California and they are traveling to Soledad, California to get to their new job.

Some examples of Animal imagery in Of Mice and Men?

in of mice and men there are different types of imagery, for example; the opening and closing chapters. in the decription of lennie. candys dog. lennies animals. working animals on the ranch. e.g mules, slims pups, horses.

What two animals is Lennie compared to in the novel Of Mice and Men?

a bear and a horse in the first chapter They also compare him to a dog 'Slowly, like a terrier who doen't want to bring a ball to its master, Lennie apporached, drew back, approached again'. 'They'll tie ya up with a collar, like a dog'. and also to Candy's dog in many ways.

What would Lennie be as an animal in the book Of Mice and Men?

well, im just gonna assume that since he adores rabbits with a passion, that he would be a rabbit.

How were men treated in Of Mice and Men?

It depends on the terms. Take crooks, he was dark skinned, and treated lower in class than that of the others, he was just the 'stable buck'. All men were seemingly treated with higher regards than Curley's wife, clearly she owned no power, despite her husband being Curley, and his dad is 'The Boss'. I guess the only authority she has, is the fact that Curley would attempt to hurt someone if they 'touched his wife'. Other than Crooks, men were treated reasonably equally in Of Mice and Men. Take Lenny for instance he gets shot at the end for doing something that he did know he was doing. He was mentally ill and killed curley's wife and got shot for killing her when he didnt even know that he done it.

What is Of Men and Mice about?

Of Mice And Men is a story of the extrodinary friendship between two workers at the time of Great Depression in America.(1930's)

What is whit's role in mice and men?

Whit's character was used to create even more suspense during the scene of the shooting of Candy's Dog. This is conveyed by Whit's character abruptly changing the subject and to make the reader want to read on to find out what happens to Candy's Dog.

What role does slim play in Of Mice and Men?

Slim is the respectable man on the ranch. He is a foil to Carlson, which means that Steinbeck used these characters to emphasize how different they are from one another.

Why does John Steinbeck use animal imagery in of mice and men?

Steinbeck uses animal imagery to incoperate how lennie small and george milton are just like candy and his old sheepdog, because lennie and george have always been with each other, just like candy and his dog. The old dog represents the way 1930's america was, however slims new dog lulu and her pups symbolise the new life and the future.

What can you infer about the men who live there from mice of men?

The men in the ranch ar every lonely & on their own. Their looking for a place to just survive.

What animal is curley mostly like in of mice and men?

curley in my opinion is like a pitbull who tough and mean and likesto fight

What animal was george compared to in of mice and men in the first chapter?

George is not compared to any animals. Steinbeck uses animal imagery to compare Lennie to a horse, a bear and a terrier.

What animals and state the author's reason for similes for describing Lennie in the Of Mice and Men?

The author John Steinbeck compares Lennie to two different animals. These animals are a bear and a horse. The author compares Lennie to a bear by referring to his big paws because and the author describes Lennie drinking from the Salinas River like a horse.

What two animals resemble Lennie in of mice and men?

the bear because Lennie is strong like one. and the dog as the people kill it as it is no use to anyone.

Who gives Lennie mice in Of Mice and Men?

In Lennie's younger years, Aunt Claria gave him many mice. But,since Lennie's aggression to pets cause death, Aunt Claria decidedto give him nothing. His mind was just like a kid.

What do mice seem to represent in mice of men?

The cowardice in all humans who avoid 'dangerous' situations,whether it be religious, political or morality & ethics orsocial.