What is the purpose of tourism?

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Tourism is esentially when a town/area has attractions or locations that would make. As mentioned in the two definations for tourism:

  1. The act of travelling or sightseeing, particularly away from one's home.
  2. Collectively, the tourists visiting a place or landmark.
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What is tourism?

Tourism is an industry which includes all kind of economicactivities or businesses related to travels, for recreational,leisure or business purposes, made by a person or p

What is the purpose of IATA and the role it play in the tourism industry?

To promote safe, regular and economic air transport for the benefitof peoples of the world. To achieve recognition of the importanceof a healthy Air transport Industry to worl

What Does Tourism do?

\nThey get to travel in places and get to work in one of the top world wide jobs

What is the purpose of travel in tourism?

Tourism is commonly associated with trans-national travel, but may also refer to travel to another location within the same country.Today tourism is major source of income for

Who is tourism?

I think what you meant is "What is Tourism?" Tourism is a study of man away from his usual habitat, of the industry which responds to his needs and of the impacts that both

What is the purpose of a government tourism agency?

To promote tourism in a country. Countries want tourists and if a lot of them come it will help the economy and create jobs. A tourism agency will help achieve this. It will a

Can you provide me sample statement of purpose for international tourism management?

Purpose of Study & Professional Plans "Those blessed with the curiosity to learn and search are forever young" - Bruce Lee. The hospitality industry is one area where a la

What is the purpose of a tourism career?

The purpose of a tourism career is so you can go all around the world, and tell people what it is like, so that when THEY want to go there, they will know how it is. If there

What is the primary purpose of tourism?

Tourism has a two fold purpose. Generally speaking, people who wish to take a vacation become tourists and find fun & relaxation. Tourism has another purpose as well. Tourism

What are the Purposes of Tourism?

the purpose of tourism is to show "foreigners" the perks of your country/city/etc and to let them see your memorials and to have them experience what it is like to be where ev

What is purpose of tourism?

tourism can lead you to a different world a whole new world that you never knew existed you can find fun and exiting places and learn new things you can find love, happiness,
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What is the purpose of tourism in 700 words?

Tourism is defined as tourists visiting places. What are the purposes of tourism? We will explore this intriguing question in further depth, within 700 words, of course. T