What is the primary components of meat and cheese?

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Is there meat in cheese?

Most cheeses are vegetarian these days, but some can contain rennet, which comes from the stomach of animals and contains enzymes. Sometimes this is considered as non - vege

Is cheese a meat?

no its not a meat

Is cheese meat?

No. But it is an animal product.

Is cottage cheese a meat?

No, but a meat product might be used in its production and remain in trace amounts in the product.. Cottage cheese is made by curdling and straining cow's milk and then addin

Is yogurt and cheese are meat?

No, yogurt and cheese are not meat, but they do provide a source of protein just like meat does.

Why can't cheese be meat?

Because cheese comes from milk and is something that is made by humans from the milk of cows, camels or goats. Meat is (or was) the muscle that was taken from a slaughtered an