What is the photo part of the process?

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Cellular respiration
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How do you cross process a photo?

\nShoot E-6 color slide film and process it in C-41 negative developer. This gives you a negative that will print with very...well, exotic colors.

What is parting process?

Gold parting or parting process is the separating of gold from silver. Gold and silver are often extracted from the same ores and are chemically similar and therefore hard to

What part of speech is the word photo?

It depends! If you say "this is a photo opportunity!" then it is an adjective in that case. If you say "Quick! Take my photo !" then it is a noun .
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What quality paper is used for photo processing?

Kodak and a few other companies actually make a kind of paper to print photos on. It's called photo print paper. You can print it on this,and cut around it and it feels just l
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What equipment is needed for photo processing?

Film and paper are needed to begin the process. These must be dipped into several chemical baths. Some processes then use equipment such as squeegees or rollers.
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What processes are involved in online photo printing?

Online photo printing uses the process of sending photos (usually .jpegs) to a specific print site. That company either prints it on site or send it out. Customers may have th

What is the correct procedure for photo processing?

The correct procedure for photo processing is to soak the film in developing fluid inside of a dark room. After taking the film from soaking it is dried and placed into a mach