What is the password's for GTA san Andreas game?

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gta password
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Does GTA San Andreas PC game work on vista?

Yes it should work.\n. \nAlthough people say that no programs older than 2005 will work on vista, it is not true.\nMy friend installed Halo 1 on his vista computer, and has h

Where in the game gta san Andreas will you get a patriot car?

You'll rarely find them driving around. There is one parked at the navy Base in San Fierro. You'll pick up a four or five star wanted level if you try to steal it, so be ready

Gta san Andreas copland 2006 save games?

Hey... u can simply download the saved files from the link given below: http://uploading.com/files/88daa8mb/Copland%2BSaved%2Bgames%2528by%2Bchirag%2Bnawani%2529.rar/ Just re

Why gta san Andreas is an adult game?

There's a lot of shooting, stabbing, baseball bat beating, bit of swordplay, burning, stealing, carjacking, mob crime, prostitution, bad language, and so on and so forth.

Is there a cheat for ps2 that completes the game for you in gta san Andreas?

There Is A Cheat That You Can Use, But Players Have Reported That It Messes Up The Game, And It Freezes For 10 Or More Minutes, Then It Works Again. But To Be Honest, I Think

GTA San Andreas game password?

There are many cheat codes for San Andreas, but no "gamepasswords." Some helpful cheat codes include: Six Star Wanted Level- BRINGITON, Infinite Ammo without Reloading - FULLC