What is the operating system of the Huawei U7510 phone?

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It's a proprietry OS, Java based phone.
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Where can you get a huawei u7510 phone case?

this brand of phone has just come out so in another..... 1 month...... maybe even less... time the cases for the phone will come out. i would go to a 3 store in about 3-4 week

What are operating systems in cell phones for?

Most things that are digital and are designed to have user input must have an os, or operating system. In the days of land line calling, only hard buttons were needed to reach

How do you get lyrics on a HUAWEI phone?

In the beginning I never thought it would be you When we were chillin Smiling in the photo booth But we got closer (Yeah) Till you were eating off my spoon And coming over And