What is the nickname for the British flag?

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The nickname for the British flag is the Union Jack. Although it is only correctly known as this when flown on a ship.
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Why is the British flag included in the Australian flag?

The Australian flag has the Union Jack which is the British flag onthe top left hand corner because the British colonised Australia,and the Union Jack symbolises Australia's c

What was the British flag?

An amalgamation of of the English and Scottish flags, with the Saint Patrick's cross used to represent Northern Ireland.

Why does the hawaiian flag have the British flag?

Because of Hawaii's relationship with the British. The Hawaiian king originally flew the British Union flag on its own, but a group of advisor's recommended it be changed to i

What are the three flags of the british flag?

The Union Flag (British flag) is made up of 3 crosses: -St. George's Cross (the red central cross) for England -St. Patrick's Cross (the red diagonal cross) for Ireland -St