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What is the most common religion in Italy?

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Catholic Christianity is the most common religion in Italy.
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What is the most important religion in Italy?

Roman Catholicism takes up more than 90 % Italy. Search "Italy" on www.google.com and click on wikipedia. Scroll down to religion and there will be much more information than

What are the most common diseases in Italy?

travelers’ diarrhea\ncholera\nEscherichia coli diarrhea\nhepatitis A\ntyphoid fever\nInsect born diseases\nparasitic diseases\nplague - risk for travelers is small\ntoxop
In Italy

What religions are most common in Italy?

Well; theres the obvious one Christianity, but other than that there really isn't much else: more than 90% of the population is Christian. The next nearest (other than 'no rel