What is the mortgagee clause for PHH Mortgage Corporation?

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There are several different mortgages available. Each type of mortgage has dozens of different clauses. A mortgage clause can be a remedy to a specific situation.
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What is reverse mortgage and what are the advantages and disadvantages to the mortgager and mortgagee?

Answer . \nWhen you own a home, you gradually build equity over the years through two paths. One is through appreciation of the property where the actual value of the home

What is the mortgagee clause for Bank of America?

Bac home loan servicing lp isaoa/atima po box 961206 fort worth tx 76161 --- trust this for now .but the address changes alot with mortgage companies...this address

What does amended the mortgagee clause mean?

It means your mortgage company/loan ownership has changed. Your loan may have been sold and now the entity holding the lien on your property's "legal name" has changed. Or, yo

What is difference between a Mortgagee clause and a loss payee clause?

Type your answer here... The motgage clause protects the mortgage holder even if insured breaches a condition of the policy e.g. insured not covered due to vacancy clause -

What is the mortgagee clause of select portfolio servicing?

"Mortgagee" is used many times in securitized loan fraud. Compel SPS to give you a copy of any forced placed insurance (FPI) policy so, you can check to see if they name thems

What is the mortgagee clause for Associated Bank?

It's best to call their Customer Service Department to get that information. Depending on the type of loan, the mortgagee clause may vary. Their staff can look up your loan an

What is wells Fargo home mortgage mortgagee clause?

Beginning on Friday, January 20, 2012, until Monday, January 23, 2012, your Wachovia Mortgage loan and/or your Wachovia Equity Line of Credit will change to Wells Fargo Home M

Is a mortgagee clause considered a lien?

No. The mortgage is a lien. The mortgagee clause generally refers to a provision in the homeowner's insurance policy providing that loss to mortgaged property is payable to th