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What is the metric system of measurement?

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  1. liter
  2. gram
  3. meter
  4. centimeter
  5. milliliter
  6. kilogram
  7. millimeter
  8. decigram
  9. kilometer
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How is temperature measured in the metric system?

Temperature is measured in the metric system using degrees Celsius  (centigrade).    The official scale is actually the Kelvin scale, which uses the  same degree size

In the metric system speed can be measured by?

In the metric system the base units for measurement of velocity (speed) is meters for distance and time in seconds, making the standard base formula for velocity meters per se

What is the linear measurement in the metric system?

All metric units of linear measurement are multiples or sub-multiples of the meter . -- nanometer = 10 -9 -- millimeter = 10 -3 -- centimeter = 10 -2 -- meter --

What are the units for metric system of measurements?

Length . . . meter Mass . . . kilogram Time . . . second Electric current . . . ampere Thermodynamic temperature . . . kelvin Amount of substance . . . mole Lumino

What are the unit measurement of metric system?

Mass . . . kilogram Length . . . meter Time . . . second Charge . . . Coulomb All the other units are multiples or combinations of these.
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What is metric system and measurement?

The metric system is all based around 1 cubic centimetre of water under normal conditions. From this, we can derive length, volume and mass units ie: 1 cubic centimetre of wa