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What is the metric system of measurement?

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  1. liter
  2. gram
  3. meter
  4. centimeter
  5. milliliter
  6. kilogram
  7. millimeter
  8. decigram
  9. kilometer
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What are the metric system measurements?

  The base units for the SI system are: length-meter, mass-kilogram, time-second, temperature interval-deg kelvin(or celsius), electric current-ampere, amount of substance

What measurement are use in the metric system?

Length: Meters (millimeter, centimeter, meter, decimeter, kilometer) Volume: Liters (milliliter, centiliter, liter, deciliter, kiloliter) Mass: Grams (milligram, centigram, gr
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How is volume measure in the metric system?

Volume is measured in cubic metres, because the unit is cubed it means that the normal prefixes can be confusing; there are 100 cm in 1 m, but 1 000 000 cm3 in 1 m3. This mean