What is the meaning of the word mortgage?

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I believe Mort is a French word meaning "death" and gage means "pledge or agreement" So the meaning of the work Mortgage is an "agreement till death."
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What does taking out a second mortgage mean?

Answer . you have two options when you need to pull out money from your property.. 1.) cash-out refi- where you pay off the current mortgage and take additional cash with

What jumbo mortgage loan means?

In general, there are two types of mortgage loans: (1) Conventional; and (2) Jumbo. Conventional loans are for no more than a certain amount (for example, $400,000). Jumbo loa

Does mortgage means security?

No. A mortgage is a form of loan to buy a house. As with any form of loan, if you can't keep up the payments, your bank/building society can reposess the house.

What is the Latin meaning of the word 'mortgage'?

The word 'mortgage' comes into Middle English by way of Middle and Old French. All three words are the same, and have the same meaning of 'dead-gauge' or 'dead security'.. Th

What does mortgage mean?

A mortgage or mortgage loan uses real-estate or personal propertyas collateral to guarantee a repayment of a loan. A mortgage is a debt instrument, secured by the collateral o

What does it mean when your name is not on the deed but it is on the mortgage?

It means that you have promised to pay for real property you do notown. It means you are fully responsible or paying the mortgage ifthe primary borrower, the owner of the prop

What does mean mortgage payment reversal?

this site is bogus. its adds all lead to the same bank abusing your mortgage. they want your thoughts so they know how to scam . take a look around it promotes banks and they

What does mortgage analytics mean?

According to Heitman Analytics, this is defined as... An array of analysis organized by market and product which provides insight into how pricing strategy and market cond

What is the meaning of mortgage origination volume?

Mortgage origination means the bank or finance company the originally wrote the mortgage. Therefore, the mortgage origination volume would measure how many mortgages a financi

What does DU mean in the mortgage industry?

Consolidated from various online answers... DU stands for Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriting System, used in replace or an addition of a human underwriter (UW) to qualify for

What does LTV in mortgage means?

LTV stands for "loan-to-value." In short, how much you're borrowing versus how much the home is worth. For example, if a home is worth $100,000 and your loan is for $80,000,

What does the lowest mortgage rates mean?

The lowest mortgage rates refer to when a mortgagor approves a all time low rate to be paid by the mortgagee. This basically means that you'll be paying less out of your pocke
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What does it mean to close on a mortgage loan?

That means the mortgagors meet with the lender's attorney and sign all the documents, the transaction is completed and the mortgage is recorded in the land records. It's a don