What is the meaning of rendered ineffective?

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It means it was "made" ineffective.
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What does render mean?

Answer . The algorithms vary (z-buffer, ray-trace, etc.) but generally render means to create a picture composed of discrete pixels. Each pixel has a color associated wi

What does rendered mean?

rendered There are several ways this word is used. . Here is a just a short list.. 1. to render = perform social acts such as causing, giving, paying, surrendering, submi

What does Ineffective and effective mean?

When someone in the army made a plan and said its effective immediately they are saying they should do it right then and there. Then after someone gave that order if they deci

What does ineffective mean?

not producing any effect -not going anywhere

What does ineffective counsel mean?

Ineffective counsel means that the lawyer did not make an adequate effort to represent the client. It does not imply that the case should have resulted in a particular decisio

What is some words that mean ineffective?

abortive, anticlimactic, barren, bootless, defeasible, feckless, feeble, forceless, fruitless, futile, idle, impotent, inadequate, incompetent, indecisive, inefficacious, inef

When would a radical neck dissection be rendered ineffective?

This operation should not be performed if cancer has metastasized (spread) beyond the head and neck, or if the cancer has invaded the bones of the cervical vertebrae (the firs

In the Bible what does the word rendering mean?

The verb to render means to provide, to produce, or to represent. Biblical usage "Render" (Greek apodidomi ) means "to deliver; to pay off or discharge what is due; to

Which one of the esential elements of air base defense deals with rendering an adversary ineffective?

No single element can make the airbase safe. Rather it is acombination of a wide perimeter that denies the effective use ifweapons used by the enemy. A well defended and alert