What is the meaning of loyalty coupons?

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Loyalty coupons are coupons that remained loyal to the brittish during the revolutionary war
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What does loyalty mean in a business context?

Answer . \nLOYALTY means that a consumer choses to use again and again the same product, the same brand. A consumer who is loyal to a brand is not willing to change it with

What does loyalty mean?

Loyalty means you always do what your told example your dog is very loyal. Actually, loyalty refers to having a sense of attachment to someone and acting according to that.

What tattoo symbol means loyalty?

You can put Loyalty in Japanese or Chinese or some other language but that's about it. There is a Tattoo Symbol for Life, Love and Loyalty but currently no known official tatt

What does loyalty mean to people?

divided into 2:- physically & mentally. in a relationship, a wife may stay loyal mentally to his husband..but than, she will suffer as she will always forcing herself to her

What does it mean to have blind loyalty?

Blind loyalty means someone cares for someone no matter what theydo. A person with blind loyalty trusts the judgment of the otherperson whether they are right or wrong.

What does loyalty in love mean?

It Means trying to be the better person in ur love eyes and never put him out of ur heart and never ever think abt someone els not ur love

What does coupon mean?

1 : a statement of due interest to be cut from a bearer bond when payable and presented for payment; also : the interest rate of a coupon 2 : a form surrendered
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What does party loyalties mean?

Party loyalties is usually in reference to political parties ( democrats, republicans) , to show where ones loyalty lies or which party you support. But it can be used in refe