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The word "erosion" comes from an old word meaning "to eat away." It is the process by which material is carried away from a location by wind or water.
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What does erosive energy mean?

Erosive energy means that it is eroding, wearing away, or breaking down th eearth;s surface. It takes the energy of erosive energy that makes the erding move quickly with ener

What does horizontal or lateral erosion mean?

Lateral or horizontal erosion means erosion taken place on the sides of a footpath or river bank. The opposite if lateral/horizontal erosion is vertical erosion, where erosion

What does erosion depositation mean?

It means rock that was deposited in its current place after traveling via erosion. Ie a river sweeps through a canyon, slowly eroding away the sides. These bits of sides that

What mean erosion?

Erosion is when soil or sediment is carried away by rain, wind, water, or ice.

What does soil erosion control mean?

It means growing vegetation to prevent the dirt from being washed away by natural impacts. For example rain washes away soil and animals also displace soil. Erosion control me