What is the major function of the human excretory system?

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Eliminate waste materials

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What are the functions of each major excretory system?

· Lungs. o Get rid of CO2.. o Lose water vapor (Incidental loss: because it is unavoidable and is not a method of controlling the water content of the body.). · K

What is the function of the urea in the excretory system?

Urea is the main nitrogenous waste in the excretory system. It is a non-toxic option for getting rid of the byproducts of protein metabolism. In addition, it functions within

What are the primary structures and functions of the human excretory system?

You have two bean shaped stuctures placed in postrior abdominal wall. They are retroperitoneal. Right kidney is slightly lower than left due to liver on right side. It is 3*2*