What is the liquid inside young coconuts used as a substitute for?

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The cocunut water is cool in its nature. It is used for the following purposes: 1. As a summer drink as a substitute for sugary drinks like coke and pepsi. 2. The person who is having a stone in kidney or ureter is advised to drink cocunut water as it helps in flushing out the stone. 3. In world War II, it was used as a substitute to glucose bottle in hospitals and in fields, when it was not avialable readily
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Can coconut water substitute for coconut milk?

No, it will not give the same flavour. Coconut water is a thin, watery liquid that tastes sugary but not incredibly coconutty. Coconut milk has the pulp added and is a thick,

Can a can of coconut be substituted with bagged coconut?

By bagged coconut I presume you mean dried coconut, if that is the case then yes you can. If the recipe calls for creamed coconut then mix enough water with the dried coconut