What is the length of daylight on the Moon?

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Two weeks
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What month has the shortest length of daylight?

In the Northern Hemisphere, December 21 has the shortest length of daylight, and the longest length of Daylight is June 21. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the opposite.

What causes the length of daylight to change?

the Earth's orbit around the sun is elliptical so Earth is farther away from the sun in some places (winter) and closer in some places (summer). also Earth's axis tilt causes

Does the moon get daylight?

Yes, the moon has a roughly 14 Earth day day length. The lunar landings were arranged so that the astronauts were on the moon during the lunar day.

What is the length of daylight on the moon in hours?

As mentioned, about two weeks in most places. However, there are believed to be some areas which are in permanent darkness as they're shadowed from the sun by mountains nea

How does daylight length affect seasons?

Staying true to the question the way it's written, it's the otherway around - it's the seasons that affect the length of day andnight. The hemisphere whose pole points towards
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How does length of daylight effect sabbath?

Although the length of daylight may influence the beginning and ending time of the Sabbath, it doesn't affect its total length, since the Sabbath lasts nominally one day, meas
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What is the length of daylight at the equator?

All of it, however it depends on whether it is sunny or cloudy. On a sunny day, it is daylight over the whole of the equator. As the earth spins, the sun shines on different p