What is the legend of region 8 in the Philippines?

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What are the natural resources of region 8 in the Philippines?

Eastern Vasayas is a region in Philippines which is designated asRegion VIII. It comprises of three islands. Leyte, Samar andBiliran Islands. Natural resources of the region i

What are the foods of region 8 Philippines?

Foods of the Philippines vary by region. In region 8, one of themost sought after food is Binagol. Binagol is a sweetened taropudding and bocarillo. Region 8 is famous for the

What are the parts of Region 8 in the Philippines?

Eastern Visayas or Region 8 is composed of the following provinces: . Leyte . Southern Leyte . Biliran . Samar or Western Samar . Eastern Samar . Northern Samar

Legend of santiago in region 2 Philippines?

Santiago de compostela,Legend has it that the remains of the apostle James were brought to Galicia and in the early 9th century on a boat made of stone, and were later discove

History of region 8 in Philippines?

Since 2010 the Philippines has consisted of 17 regions. Region 8known as Eastern Visayas has three main islands facing the Pacificocean. The population as of 2010 is 4,101,322

What is the literature of region 8 Philippines?

The literature in region 8 of the Philippines is written in thelanguages Waray and Cebuano. The earliest narrative works of thisregion are called susumaton and posing. Of all

What are the 8 most populated region in the Philippines?

The top eight regions by population (as of the 2010 Census andHousing Population by the National Statistics Office) are: . 12,609,803 - Calabarzon , Region IV-A . 11,855,