What is the kingdom of algae?

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The 5 kingdoms are: Fungi, Plantae, Protoctista, Prokaryotae, & Animalia.

Algae have features of both plants and animals, but they are generally grouped in the plantae kingdom.
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Which kingdom does algae belong to?

The answer to that question varies depending on the type of algae. Blue Green algae belongs to Monera Unicellular algae: Protista Multicultural algae the most common suc

What kingdom is green alga in?

All classification systems are dependent on the opinions and criteria advanced by the people that create them, and as there are a few such, and as they are constantly under-go

What is the kingdom algae?

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What is the kingdom for algae?

Different types of algae exist in different kingdoms. Algae include any archaeaplastids (an unranked level between domainand kingdom). Their chloroplasts are derived from cya

What kingdom has algae in it?

Single-celled algae belong to Kingdom Protista, in the five kingdomscheme of classification. Multicellular algae, however, belong tothe Planta Kingdom.

Green algae came from which kingdom?

Green algae belong to Kingdom Protista. Green algae is a very diverse type of algae. Actually, green algae is sort of similar to plants. The green algae contain two forms of c