What is the insoluble carbohydrate with big molecules?

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Why do plants store excess carbohydrates as insoluble starch?

If plants would store the excess carbohydrates as a soluble sugar, it would alter the osmolarity of the cells.

What group of organic molecules are insoluble in water?

mostly all organic compounds are insoluble in water because water is a polar solvent and organic compounds are non polar . non polar substances are soluble only in non polar s

What is a insoluble carbohydrate?

Carbohydrates which do dissolve in water are insoluble carbs. Examples of insoluble carbohydrates are fiber in food and cellulose in plant. Carbohydrates are made from a chain

Why carbohydrates are insoluble in ethers?

Carbohydrates are polar molecules with a lot of -OH functional groups attached to it. This makes them capable of hydrogen bonding, which is one trait of polar protic compounds