What is the history of exim bank of India?

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i ts establish in 1981
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History of banking in India?

There were many indigenous bankers even during ancient times likethe Shroffs, Mahajans, etc. The first bank was The Bank of Hindusthan started in 1770 at Calcutta. In 1786, Th

What is the history and functions of Exim Bank of India and how it functions?

The Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of India is the principal financial institution in India for coordinating the working of institutions engaged in financing export and import trad

Is Exim Bank Malaysia a subsidiary of SME Bank?

nop .... both are different development financial institution set up by the malaysian government with different purpose to compliment the financial system in Malaysia . EXIM s

History of e-banking in India?

E-banking in India dates back to the 1980s and was established toallow people to access a banking system using a telephone line. Itstarted with basic services and grew from th

What is the conclusion on exim bank of India?

The successful development in the banking business has become a complex process in the world of competition today. The development of marketing og a new service, the complexit

Why are you interested in exim bank?

the banking sector is groming,give a right platform to enhance my managerial skill,the prestige we get when we work in bank is non- comparable. the banking sector is groming,g

What is the function of exim bank?

BANK'S FUNCTIONS The Bank's functions are segmented into several operating groups including: Corporate Banking Group which handles a vairety of financing programmes for Ex
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What are the advantage of exim bank?

There is no doubt that Exim Bank of India lots of advantages like:-The Small and Medium Enterprises through a wide range of productsand services offered at all stages of the b