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What is the highest number is it a billion a centillion aquadrillion or a googol?

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From smallest to largest:
Billion =109
Quadrillion =1015
Googol =10100
Centillion =10303
Googolplex =10Googol

The highest number in the question is a centillion.
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Is centillion the highest number?

numbers never end, so it's impossible to say what the highest number is. I'm not sure that we even have names for all the place values yet. :D (10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

Is googol the highest number?

in my agenda at school, there is a little fact that the number centrillion, has 500 zeros. but, there is probaby a higher number out there. a googol is 1 followed by 100 zeros

What is the highest number in the world besides googol?

A googol (10^100) is the basis for the googolplex (10^googol, or 10to the 10^100 power). The largest typically used Latin-based numbers (billion, trillion)are the vigintillion

Is googol the highest number in the world?

No. A googol is 10 to the 100th power (10^100). But the Latin-basednamed number "centillion" is much larger (10^303 short scale). The largest commonly used number is based on

Is centillion a number?

Yes! It is a number with 600 0's!! That's right, The number of 0's it has is 600! See related link below for proof Many countries use the short scale, in which a centilli

Which is highest centillion or quadrillion?

According to the link I'm posting, a quadrillion is 10 15 , and a centillion is 10 303 , so centillion is bigger.