What is the hazard of putting more space between yourself and the hazard?

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That another driver will squeeze into that space, but that is less hazardous than getting too close to the first hazard to begin with.
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What is a hazard?

It is anything that has the potential to cause injury, loss oflife, damage to property or environment.

What do hazards do?

They cause harm to life,property and environment. In places such as construction work sites, hazards are probable causes of risks to health and safety of all workers that is w

What is hazardous?

Something that can cause a hazard. Something that is dangerous and likely to cause harm..

Why is using your sense of smell to identify a hazardous material putting yourself at risk of exposure?

The sense of smell is unreliable as an indicator of exposure. Some hazardous materials have no smell. Some can be smelled only at concentrations well above levels that are un

What are 5 hazards of space travel?

Hazards of space travel as currently practiced by humans include: . high acceleration . weightlessness . vacuum - lack of air pressure . lack of oxygen . radiation expo

Why is space hazardous to an astronaut?

The first and most obvious hazard is the lack of oxygen which could cause an astronaut without suitable protective clothing to suffocate. In fact space is practically a vac
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What are hazardes?

Hazards are things that can be dangers, for example sticking a metal fork into an electrical outlet. (which is a stupid idea, and I don't recommend it.)
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What is hazards?

Hazards are dangers. Driving on an icy road is consideredhazardous, because there is a danger of sliding and crashing.