What is the gestation period of sparrow eggs?

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The gestation of sparrow eggs is 10-15 days and incubation is shared between the parents.
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What is the gestation period of painted turtle eggs?

The Gestation for a painted turtle is 20-340 days. In some rare cases the eggs may not hatch until the next spring. The turtles may also spend the winter in their nest. The av

What is the gestation period for sparrows?

Sparrows are egg layers, therefore do not become pregnant. Their babies incubate inside of an egg that has been laid by the bird. The gestation period of the eggs is 10-15 day
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Gestation period of osprey eggs?

Our Osprey's at Osprey House Environmental centre in Dohles Rocks Queensland Australia, laid an egg on the 22nd and a second on the 25th May 2009 with one egg still active. We