What is the funniest episode of summer heights high?

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episode 7
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How old is Leon from Summer Heights High?

He's in Year 8, so he should be 13 or 14 unless he's been held back. Jonah is 13 according to the official bios from abc.com.au, so Leon should be around that age.

Will there be another season of summer heights high?

no, in typical chris lilley fashion, as with We Can Be Heros on Aussie BC, it is meant as a mini-series and not a multi-season run type of show. As he has proven before, Chris

Where can you download summer heights high?

\nhttp://www.gotgames.com.au/forums/general-discussion-165/summer-heights-high-download-12192/\n. \n. \nscroll down there should be links to download eppisodes 1-7 of season
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What kind of a program is Summer Heights High?

Summer Heights High is a mockumentary series, which is a comedy made to look like a documentary , but using scripting and actors, instead of real life and amateur participants

When was Summer Heights High on TV?

The Australian Television Show "Summer Heights High" aired during 2007. The series premiered in September, and ended in October. The show aired a total of 8 episodes with the